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DAVID RIKLAN, the Founder of SelfGrowth.com

THE PROBLEM: We all know that ideas and knowledge have the power to change our lives. Implementing and taking action on the right ideas and knowledge can help us be more financially free, live a happier and more peaceful life, become healthier, reduce our anxiety, find a better job, find the love of our lives, move in a better direction, or find our life's purpose.

But …. here is the challenge: With more than 973,241 self-help, finance, health, and relationship books on Amazon.com alone...

>>> Which ones should you read?
>>> What ideas should you implement?
>>> What key points should you remember?
>>> What action steps should you take?
>>> In short, where should you start?


Over the course of the last 15 years, my team at SelfGrowth.com has identified and collected information about the best self improvement, financial, relationship, health, and personal growth methods, systems, and techniques in the world, and narrowed these down to a list of over 300 of the greatest self improvement books ever created.

We studied and reviewed each of these 300 + books, and we wrote an insightful analysis for each (our Power Summary) designed to help you find your way through the maze and lead you to the book, books or information that will change your life.

Each of our 300 + Power Summaries provides
a short, insightful analysis including:

  • A Short 1-3 Paragraph Summary
  • Key Points
  • Action Steps
  • Thought-Provoking Questions
  • Quotes and Excerpts
  • Biography of the Author

No matter what you're seeking — spiritual strength, competitive business savvy or even lasting love — there's wisdom and guidance to be gained from this one-of-a-kind product.

When you sign up, you'll immediately have access to the entire library of these fantastic self improvement write-ups that you'll be able to use for the rest of your life.

PLUS, as an additional bonus, we've compiled an amazing collection of 20 audios that you can choose to listen to in streaming or mp3 format.

The audio segments contain interviews with some of the biggest names in the self-help arena and practical advice you can use to improve your life.

Tony Robbins Joe Vitale Marci Shimoff Tim Ferriss Wayne Dyer Jack Canfield
Tony Robbins
Joe Vitale
Marci Shimoff
Tim Ferriss
Wayne Dyer
Jack Canfield


With your investment in Power Summaries, you'll:

  1. Gain immediate access to more than 300 book summaries in the most targeted and practical self improvement and personal growth library ever compiled, saving you over 10,000 hours of research finding, reviewing, and summarizing the best self improvement books ever written.

  2. Be able to accurately identify the best books for you to read in the areas of Success Skills, Money, Finances & Business, Love & Relationships, Health, Fitness & Dieting, Spirituality, Mental Health, and Inspiration.

  3. Learn the key points and have action steps to take from each of these 300 best-selling advice books.

  4. Quickly be able to identify the books that you've read before and print out book summaries re-igniting the passion you had for many of these great self improvement classics.

  5. Get an immediate flavor for each of the authors by reading short, applicable, pertinent quotes or excerpts, enabling you to immediately see if you want to purchase their book. Plus, we make it easier to buy each book by providing a direct link to purchase each of the books on Amazon.com right inside the book summary.

  6. Receive thought-provoking, insightful, stimulating questions written by our team on each book that you can apply to improve your life today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life.

  7. Learn about each of the authors by reading their biographies, giving you a better understanding of their perspectives and enabling you to more effectively decide if their book is the right one for you.

  8. Avoid buying self improvement books that aren't a good fit for you while investing in those books that are much more likely to have a positive influence on your life.

I feel very strongly about the positive power and influence of self improvement books.

These books summaries are not designed to be a replacement for each of the books. Each of the books is so full of wisdom and knowledge that a 5-6 page summary couldn't possibly replace the power of any of them.

BUT, these Power Summaries are designed to open you up to the power of the author's ideas, motivate you to start taking action, and inspire you toward further study and action that will help you reach your potential faster and more effectively.

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We are so confident that you'll love our Power Summaries that we want you to try them risk free.

100% Money-Back Guarantee:  Very simply and with no gimmicks, here's my personal guarantee. Enroll in the program. If at any time within 30 days of purchase you feel that you aren't getting all of the value that I've described and more, just send me a letter asking for your money back, and I'll refund 100% of your investment. There is no risk.

S O L I D  G O L D
This is a 100% Money-Back Guarantee
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"Once again, Self Growth has created a valuable and relevant library of experts for us to reference and grow by. I appreciate the concise layout of the format, enabling an immediate and specific extraction of the books' values. Most of these books I have read in detail already - and for those, it is a perfect tool to return to just the specific nuggets I myself would have gleaned from my readings, without looking through dog-eared pages. And for the books I have not yet read, what a wonderful tickler to let me know how it suits me.

Thank you for taking the time to assemble such a smart and elegant product mix."

-Lisa Marie, BlueGrass Kentucky

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"Your power summaries are truly phenomenal - I LOVE them!  It's so easy to read a book and be overwhelmed with the details. What I love about your Power Summaries is that it's great for getting details on the specific action steps that each author suggests, so I can implement the most essential aspects - and I never have to read the book from cover to cover, saving me lots of time and energy.  

And it's great for giving me a deeper sense of what the book is about so that I can choose to read it more detail.  And I can have the Power Summaries available to be clear on the specific action steps that I want to implement after reading the book. This is a brilliant concept David, thanks so much for bringing this time saving tool to the Self Growth world!"

-Leslie Cunningham, Award-Winning Business Consultant, Leadership & Teamwork Expert

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"Deep within most of us, is a quest to become more knowledgeable, more successful and more fulfilled. Thanks to modern technology we are blessed to have access to great teachers and philosophers who provide us with answers to many of the questions we ask ourselves.  But we think to ourselves, "If only I had the time to study their teachings." Imagine a format in which you do have access to the essential core teachings of your favorite thought leaders and teachers. Thanks to David Riklan there is such a format. In Power Summaries he thoughtfully reviews and synthesizes the essence and wisdom of our favorite teachers. Instead of spending hours trying to understand what they are teaching, in 10 or 15 minutes that same wisdom is offered us."

-Mark Susnow, JD, Executive-Life Coach, Author of Dancing on the River: Navigating Life's Changes.


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"I love how fast and easy Power Summaries makes researching advice books. David Riklan has created a wonderful resource that not only captures the message of a book he delivers it in an interesting and informative manner.  I recommend this site as a starting point for the avid reader."

-Fran Banting, www.dreampath.ca


We've included information from 7 core areas:

-Success Skills
-Money, Finances & Business
-Love & Relationships
-Health, Fitness & Dieting
-Mental Health

Success Skills

Access to 52 Success Skills Power Summaries
(Each Summary valued at $5.00, Total Value is $260.00)

Including, but not limited to...

The Seven Habits
of Highly Effective people - by Stephen Covey
The Secret - by Rhonda Byrne Awaken The Giant Within - by Tony Robbins Creative Visualization - by Shakti Gawain Psycho Cybernetics - by Maxwell Maltz

Don't Sweat the Small Stuff - by Richard Carlson Life Strategies - by Dr. Phil McGraw As a Man Thinketh - by Jim Allen Now, Discover Your Strengths - by Marcus Buckingham Your Erroneous Zones - by Wayne Dyer

w w w w w
Ask & It is Given - by Esther and Jerry Hicks See You at The Top - by Zig Ziglar Games People Play - by Eric Berne Getting Things Done - by David Allen Dianetics - by L. Ron Hubbard

w w w w w
The Memory Book - by Harry Lorayne Simple Abundance - by Sarah Ban Breathnach The Magic of Thinking Big - by David J. Schwartz You Can Negotiate Anything - by Herb Cohen Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway - by Susan Jeffers

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Money, Finances & Business

Access to 52 Money, Finances &
Business Power Summaries
(Each Summary valued at $5.00, Total Value is $260.00)

Including, but not limited to...

4-Hour Workweek - by Timothy Ferriss Think & Grow Rich - by Napoleon Hill Rich Dad, Poor Dad - by Robert Kiyosaki The Richest Man in Babylon - by George Clason Good to Great - by Jim Collins

w w w w w
The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom - by Suze Orman The Millionaire Next Door - by Thomas J. Stanley and William D. Danko The Greatest Salesman in the World - by Og Mandino The One Minute Manager - by Ken Blanchard The Science of Getting Rich - by Wallace Wattles

w w w w w
Trump - by Donald Trump Total Money Makeover - by Dave Ramsey The Tipping Point - by Malcolm Gladwell The Wealthy Barber, 3rd Edition - by David Chilton Who Moved My Cheese? - by Spencer Johnson

w w w w w
The Automatic Millionaire - by David Bach What Color is Your Parachute? - by Richard Bolles What Should I Do with My Life? - by Po Bronson Clark Howards Living Large in Lean Times - by Clark Howard Secrets of the Millionaire Mind - by T. Harv Eker

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Love & Relationships

Access to 52 Love & Relationships Power Summaries
(Each Summary valued at $5.00, Total Value is $260.00)

Including, but not limited to...

w w w w w
The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work - by John Gottman Men Are From Mars- Women Are From Venus - by John Gray The Five Love Languages - by Gary Chapman Crucial Conversations - by Kerry Patterson Relationship Rescue - by Dr. Phil McGraw

w w w w w
He's Just Not That into You - by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo Divorce Busting - by Michele Weiner-Davis The Definitive Book of Body Language - by Allan and Barbara Pease All the Rules - by Ellen Fein and Sherrie Schneider Bringing Up Boys - by James Dobson

w w w w w
How to Win Friends and Influence People - by Dale Carnegie Love - by Leo Buscaglia Getting the Love You Want - by Harville Hendrix How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk - by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish Rules of the Game - by Neil Strauss

w w w w w
Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion - by Robert Cialdini 1001 Ways to Be Romantic - by Gregory Godek The Love Dare - by Stephen and Alex Kendrick The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands - by Laura Schlessinger Why Men Love Bitches - by Sherry Argov

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Health, Fitness & Dieting

Access to 52 Health, Fitness & Dieting Power Summaries
(Each Summary valued at $5.00, Total Value is $260.00)

Including, but not limited to...

w w w w w
8 Weeks to Optimum Health - by Andrew Weil You: The Owner's Manual - by Michael F. Roizen, M.D. and Mehmet C. Oz, M.D. Eating Well for Optimum Health - by Andrew Weil Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection - by John Sarno The Best Life Diet - by Bob Greene

w w w w w
The South Beach Diet Supercharged - by Arthur Agatston The Belly Fat Cure - by Jorge Cruise The Revolutionary Program to Restore the Body's Natural Ability to Heal Itself - by Alejandro Junger Body for Life: 12 Weeks to Mental and Physical Strength - by Bill Phillips Eat to Live - by Joel Fuhrman

w w w w w
Cook This, Not That! - by David Zinczenko and Matt Goulding Love, Medicine and Miracles - by Bernie Siegel Get with the Program - by Bob Greene The China Study - by T. Colin Campbell Food Rules - by Michael Pollan

w w w w w
Master Your Metabolism - by Jillian Michaels The 17 Day Diet - by Mike Moreno French Women Don't Get Fat - by Mireille Guiliano The 4-Hour Body - by Timothy Ferriss The New Atkins For A New You - by Eric C. Westman, Stephen D. Phinney and Jeff S. Volek

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Access to 52 Spirituality Power Summaries
(Each Summary valued at $5.00, Total Value is $260.00)

Including, but not limited to...

w w w w w
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success - by Deepak Chopra A New Earth - by Eckhart Tolle The Purpose Driven Life - by Rick Warren You Can Heal Your Life - by Louise L. Hay Anatomy of the Spirit - by Caroline Myss

w w w w w
The Art of Happiness - by The Dalai Lama The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity - by Julia Cameron In the Meantime - by Iyanla Vanzant Wherever You Go, There You Are - by Jon Kabat-Zinn A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of "A Course in Miracles" - by Marianne Williamson

w w w w w
Conversations with God- Book 1 - by Neale Donald Walsch Autobiography of a Yogi - by Paramahansa Yogananda Confucius From The Heart - by Confucius The Bhagavad Gita: Krishna's Counsel in Time of War - by Stephen Mitchell (Translator) The I Ching or Book of Changes - by Various Authors

w w w w w
The Bible - by Various Authors The Koran - by Mohammed Seat of the Soul - by Gary Zukav The Prayer of Jabez - by Bruce Wilkinson Your Best Life Now: 7 Steps to Living at Your Full Potential - by Joel Osteen

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Mental Health

Access to 52 Mental Health Power Summaries
(Each Summary valued at $5.00, Total Value is $260.00)

Including, but not limited to...

w w w w w
When Bad Things Happen To Good People - by Harold Kushner The Power of Positive Thinking - by Norman Vincent Peale Emotional Intelligence - by Daniel Goleman The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook - by Edmund J. Bourne A Guide To Rational Living - by Albert Ellis

w w w w w
Change Your Brain, Change Your Life - by Daniel Amen The Happiness Project - by Gretchen Rubin Codependency No More - by Melody Beattie Hierarchy of Needs - by Abraham Maslow Homecoming: Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child - by John Bradshaw

w w w w w
Learned Optimism - by Martin Seligman Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy - by David D. Burns I'm OK, You're OK - by Thomas Harris Happy for No Reason - by Marci Shimoff On Death and Dying - by Elisabeth Kubler Ross

w w w w w
The Big Book of AA - by Bill W. and Dr. Bob The Road Less Travelled - by M. Scott Peck The Power of Myth - by Joseph Campbell The Power of Self-Esteem - by Nathaniel Branden Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience - by Mihaly Cziksentmihalyi

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Access to 52 Inspiration Power Summaries
(Each Summary valued at $5.00, Total Value is $260.00)

Including, but not limited to...

w w w w w
All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten - by Robert Fulghum The Alchemist - by Paolo Coelho Gandhi An Autobiography: The Story of My Experiments With Truth - by Mahatma Gandhi Man's Search For Meaning - by Viktor Frankl The Last Lecture - by Randy Pausch

w w w w w
The Five People You Meet in Heaven - by Mitch Albom Four Agreements - by Miguel Ruiz Ragged Dick - by Horatio Alger The Prophet - by Kahlil Gibran The Travelers Gift - by Andy Andrews

w w w w w
Chicken Soup for the Soul - by Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance - by Robert Pirsig Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin - by Benjamin Franklin A Message to Garcia - by Elbert Hubbard Way of the Peaceful Warrior - by Dan Millman

w w w w w
Tuesdays With Morrie - by Mitch Albom The Celestine Prophecy - by James Redfield Acres of Diamonds - by Russell Conwell Illusions - by Richard Bach The Magic of Believing - by Claude M. Bristol

PLUS 20 incredible audio segments

(Each interview is valued at $50.00,
with a total value of $1,000.00)

including interviews with:

Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss, productivity expert, who discusses his book The 4 Hour Body, which not only shows how you can improve your physical heath, but furthers the ideas explored in the 4 Hour Workweek by identifying how physical wellness can also improve your productivity.($50 value)

Joe Vitale Joe Vitale, one of the stars of The Secret, who discusses the most effective strategies for success and how you can apply them to your life. ($50 value)

Tony Robbins Tony Robbins, self-help guru, who discusses the most effective methods to achieve your goals. ($50 value)

Tom Hopkins Tom Hopkins, master sales trainer, who teaches you to learn what is holding you back from real success in selling and how to overcome it. ($50 value)

Don Miguel Ruiz Don Miguel Ruiz, spiritual guru, who shares his Toltec Wisdom and great insights from his books, including The Four Agreements. ($50 value)

Paul Scheele
Paul Scheele, co-founder of Learning Strategies Corporation, who teaches how PhotoReading can help you process and understand large volumes of information quickly and efficiently, improve your memory and concentration, and increase your productivity--without speed reading. ($50 value)

Harry Lorayne Harry Lorayne, memory-training specialist, who teaches you the key concepts required to improve your memory including the power of images, association, linking and pegging. ($50 value)

Wayne Dyer Wayne Dyer, "the father of motivation," who focuses on ideas from a movie that he starred in called "The Shift," teaching you how to make a positive shift in your life. ($50 value)

Jack Canfield Jack Canfield, co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, who discusses the steps that you need to take to conquer your BIGGEST goals. ($50 value)

Marci Shimoff
Marci Shimoff, world-renowned transformational teacher, who shares many of the most important concepts from "Happy for No Reason" and provides specific exercises for us to use to become happier today. ($50 value)

Bob Proctor Bob Proctor, self-improvement icon, who reveals many of the core strategies that you need to catapult you to success. ($50 value)

Seth Godin
Seth Godin, best-selling author, who talks about what exactly is a linchpin in the business sense and how we can become indispensible. ($50 value)


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